I remember distinctly sitting at the dinner table as a teenager and proudly proclaiming that I didn’t want kids. My Dad’s response still rings clear in my ears. He said, “Parenting doesn’t make you happier, but it does bring deep meaning to your life. I hope you do have children.” As luck would have it, after teenage angst, finding the man I wanted to marry, and getting a few more years of maturity under my belt, my husband and I started our family in 2016. I think we did what many new parents do. We dreamt of the smiles and giggles and deep love and thought that the hard times of parenting would be few and far between. And of course, in our daydreams, we handled the hard times with grace and understanding, never losing our cool, and never feeling like parenting had beaten us. But from the moment we got pregnant the harsh realities of parenting hit us. From horrible morning sickness and challenges with nursing, to simply trying to cook a meal with a kid on our hip or function during the day with only 4 hours of sleep. It all felt really hard to put it lightly. But like I said, parenting does not make you happier, but it does bring

deep meaning to your life that somehow makes all of that worth it -

without a doubt, without a question, 100% worth it.

As a mother, I like to be honest about the

harsh realities of parenting and offer creative solutions

to the challenges we face as parents, in hopes that we can all enjoy the day-to-day grind a little bit more.

My blog and store were both created for the busy tired

parents, caregivers, grandparents, and growing families

who need beautiful and practical products and advice.

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